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The Practice
State and Federal Criminal Defense
Lewis Romero, Esq. represents individuals, corporations and other entities in California state courts and in selected federal courts throughout the country.

Mr. Romero provides strong legal representation for clients suspected of serious crimes including: insurance fraud, conspiracy to traffic controlled substances, homicide, misappropriation of public funds, mortgage fraud, bribery, the cultivation of marijuana and other serious offenses.

Lewis Romero provides legal advice and representation to individuals faced with a wide range of minor crimes including: driving under the influence, possession of controlled substances, assault and battery, petty theft, solicitation of internet prostitution and other minor crimes.

Collateral Administrative Representation
Lewis Romero, Esq. provides legal representation in administrative hearings related to a client’s criminal case. California administrative courts can consider criminal allegations even though a judge has dismissed the related criminal case.  After successfully defending his clients in criminal court, Mr. Romero represents clients facing licensing, disciplinary or disbarment proceedings from:

·The California State Bar
·The California Medical Association
·The California Department of Real Estate
·The California Contractors State License Board

·The California Department of Consumer Affairs
·Private and Public University Disciplinary Actions
·Securities Exchange Commission
·Local Agencies

Client Referrals
Lewis Romero, Esq. is a referral-based practice.  Most new clients are referred by former clients and the legal community.  Mr. Romero welcomes new clients who seek experienced and skilled counsel.